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There is no shortage of other resources on Jane Austen and her works out there - this purports to be nothing more than a brief survey of some of the most interesting we have come across, and we will be expanding it as time goes by:

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The inestimable genealogical work of Ronald Dunning is linked here; to quote from his message to us:

"I've managed to find a little of Mrs Cawley's (Ann Crawford's) pedigree, which can be seen in the working copy of my database, here.

"All of the names are hot links, and if I have any more information on individuals it will be on their own pages. I haven't yet looked further into Ralph Cawley's background.

"A one-time owner of the estate now occupied by the [Oxford] Radcliffe Hospital was Brome Whorwood, a collateral descendant of ancestors of Jane's mother Cassandra Leigh...

"Cassandra's mother, Jane Walker, had an Oxfordshire Pedigree. I've gone some way with Jane's maternal line, the Perrots of North Leigh... but we know nothing more about her paternal line than that her father was John Walker, Doctor in Physick of the University of Oxford, of the Parish of St Michael, City of Oxford.... Here is Jane Walker's pedigree."

The Chawton Clementi

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