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Aria '19th Century' guitar

Frank Underwood has made a purchase of Aria's new A19C guitar, designed to emulate the form and sound of 19th Century instruments, and is busy practising a repertoire of Regency period pieces on it. Get in touch if you would like to hear some period music, as Jane would have heard it! A few more pictures on our photoshoot page for March 2011.

Aria 19thC guitar

Broadwood Piano

In october 2009 we made a purchase of a Broadwood Square Piano from a local enthusiast.

The instrument dates from 1818, and while it is in fundamentally sound condition, it will need some work to bring it back into playing condition. Because that is our purpose - not to admire it as a fine piece of furniture (which it certainly is) but to put it back to work in service of the Jane Austen Project!

The Broadwood

We have had a visit and an assessment of the task, from a very experienced and well-reputed piano repair firm, and are presently investigating funding to help us with the project of getting the instrument back into working order.

Can you help, or do you know someone who could? Please get in touch with us by email at piano @ to help us on our task.

The Broadwood

There was an interesting programme on BBC Radio4 recently - Jane Austen's iPod! It incorporated performances of some of the works from Jane's music manuscripts. We have made the public domain podcast available from this link, a file of 38Mb.

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