Stoneleigh Abbey, Spring 2010

A new page for the preservation of memories; a visit to Stoneleigh Abbey this spring.

Stoneleigh Mediaeval Gatehouse

Stoneleigh visit

Members of our group visited Stoneleigh Abbey near Leamington Spa - a good time was had by all! Amazing building, beautiful setting by the lake and we were given a very interesting and entertaining Jane Austen guided tour by a charming costumed guide who gave us vivid accounts of Jane, Cassandra and Mrs Austen when they visited their relations the Leighs, who were residents at the abbey in 1806.

A dress of the period, in the House's Chapel

It was a great oportunity for costume photography in a authentic setting, and a few phographs of the event are shown here. Well worth a return visit at some point.

The Group

On the terrace at the Manor House

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